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Utorrent 10kb

Utorrent 10kb

Name: Utorrent 10kb

File size: 860mb

Language: English

Rating: 7/10



Ok, I think the title says most of I don't wanna be told to read this guide or that guide because I have done and they just don't work. hey guys!i've been using utorrent until about 3 years ago, when i got a macbook pro.i now know i never go back voluntary to a windows system. Hmm, The Slackware test iso, goes around 1mb/s, but the weird thing about it, my torrents I download are like, +18 etc.. but don't go faster. Thanks, my upload was my problem, since I limit it mostly to 1kb/s for faster download, but down always works I see =\.

the only way I have found of fixing this is to close utorrent when the speed drops to 10kb/s and reopen it, then I get full speed for another. have already set up port forwarding on my netgear wnrv2 router and tried adjusting obvious settings. torrent speed, even on very. Hello Guys, My uTorrrent suddenly is acting with a strange behavior. Although my wifi internet speed test shows me 4mb/s and I usually get. I think that miht be what you are looking for. Right now this has about 4k seeders and not many. hi all wondering if any one can tell me what i'm doing wrong i'm on optusnet cable 10mb/s plan but i seem to be getting 10kB/s downloads on. I have fiber optics and I have a wired connection. I never get over kb/s on uTorrent. It has always done this, ever since I downloaded uTorre.


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